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November 3rd, 2013, 5:31 pm


Last Blood Cafe Contest Winners~!

*waves* Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention, please~!
I am happy to announce that the judges have made a decision on the Winner and Runner-up of the Last Blood Cafe Webcomic Contest! ^0^
We were going to have 2 honorable mentions and one winner originally, but there weren't enough entries for that many runner up spots *nod nod*
Anyway, without further adieu, the runner up for the contest is:
Sally Thunderwing Kelly! Your art will be displayed on the Last Blood Cafe website (all credit to you, of course), and you get a page share! ((If you have a page on facebook, send me a link, and I'll share you ^-^)).
And the winner of the contest is: Lord Bloodthorne!
Congratulations, Mister Bloody-Blood! The judges liked your poem best *nod nod* You get to have your own character in the 2nd chapter of the webcomic (either your main OC or an original character of your choice) and a page shout out! Your poem will also be displayed on the Last Blood Webcomic site!

Many many thanks to everyone who entered. ^-^ I really do appreciate all your hard work. We really enjoyed all the entries, so it was hard to pick. @-@
I'll be posting all your entries here in the comments so that everyone can see *nod nod nod*

*give everyone huggles*

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